Will San Jose move to densify single-family neighborhoods like Sacramento just did?

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After Sacramento recently took the bold step toward becoming the first city in California to eliminate traditional single-family zoning, some San Jose housing advocates and residents hope the capital of Silicon Valley can build off the momentum. San Jose is considering a similar zoning shift that would allow up to four dwelling units on a single-family lot — a concept …

Improve Your Life With These Tiny Chores

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Being home all the time has been hard on your house, too. Instead, consider investing your time in small projects that have big-gratification appeal. None of these five chores take more than an hour, and each ends with that satisfying thought: Why didn’t I do that sooner? Best of all, unlike the dishes and the bottomless laundry pile, these chores won’t need …

California lawmakers vote to extend eviction moratorium. Here’s what it means for renters

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SACRAMENTO — California will freeze evictions for some struggling tenants for five more months as it prepares to give out billions of dollars in rent relief. State legislators on Thursday approved SB91, extending the state’s partial eviction moratorium through the end of June and creating a program to distribute $2.6 billion in emergency rental assistance that California received through the …

5 kitchen design choices that will never go out of style

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If any room in our homes got a workout last year, it was the kitchen. Cooking and baking were popular for both practical and relaxing reasons. All that time in the heart of the home got some of us wondering whether we should deep clean, organize, upgrade or even remodel our kitchens. But a kitchen renovation is a huge investment; …

There’s No Better Time to Clear the Air

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It’s discomforting to realize that air pollution can be coming from inside your home. Here’s how to identify and rid yourself of the risks. Think about the phrase “air pollution.” Are you picturing black plumes curling out of factory smokestacks and the tailpipes of idling vehicles? Something to worry about outdoors, that is, not inside your home? Not so fast: …

Prop. 19 passes, but questions about California property tax measure remain

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Proposition 19, which would expand one California property tax break for older adults and curtail another for transfers of real estate between parents and children, has passed by a narrow margin, but some questions about its implementation remain. Read the full article here: The passage of Prop. 19    

Update on Real Estate Propositions

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Prop. 15 Effort To Revise 1978 Commercial Property Tax Rules Narrowly Defeated California’s Proposition 15, which would allow commercial properties to get taxed at their fair market value rather than the value at the time when they were purchased, was narrowly defeated. Read the full article here: Voters rejected Proposition 15… Proposition 19, which modifies Prop. 13 property-tax breaks, maintaining its …

Fed Pledges Low Rates for Years, and Until Inflation Picks Up

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WASHINGTON — Federal Reserve officials expect to leave interest rates near zero for years — through at least 2023 — as they try to coax the economy back to full strength after the pandemic-induced recession, based on their September policy statement and economic projections released Wednesday. The Fed, in a significant update to its official policy statement, also reinforced its August pledge …